Passion for living

The Mews on baggot lane is a quiet secluded space in the heart of Dublin available for short term rent.

Once occupied by Patrick Kavanagh, the renowned Irish poet and novelist, the Mews is quietly set back from the former bustling literary quarter of Baggot Rath.

Once a stable for its early Victorian house on Pembroke Road, the Mews remains in structure largely as it did in the mid 20th century.

Its recent and contemporary interior design plays gently on its late 19th century pedigree whilst also giving its 1950's provenance room to breathe.

It is bright and fresh and has an authentic feel with almost a nod of approval from the author of its past.


In September 1959 Kavanagh took up home at the Mews on Baggot Lane. 

This was at a time during which Kavanagh committed to an acceptance of life as it is.

He said that "in the final simplicity...we are satisfied with being ourselves."

During this period he wrote many poems expressing inner tranquility, several of them sonnets, and they were praised in reviews of the collections Come Dance With Kitty Stobling (1960) and Collected Poems.

As an example of this change in his writing Kavanagh quoted his sonnet "Canal Bank Walk" in his self portrait: "Leafy-with-love banks and the green waters of the canal / Pouring redemption for me, that I do / The will of God wallow in the habitual, the banal / Grow with nature again as before I grew."

Design Elements

It was Kavanagh's insight of the final simplicity being a satisfaction with oneself which has inspired the simple design of the interior of the Mews he once occupied.

The living space incorporates  wallpaper design from the late 19th century - with a bold pattern of exotic birds, butterflies and flowers, set against a subtle trail in the  colours of pinks and greens on grey. 

A feature breakfast bar in pink set against a green kitchen carries that theme through as does the clean and simply green planted sun dabbled exterior spaces.

Each bedroom features an ornate watermarque feature wallpaper pattern on cabinets set against neutral walls, interrupted only by the windows capturing the views of the Mews' long past. 

Give While You Live

10% of the proceeds from the net rental of the Mews and from the net sale of products in our online shop are donated to An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland.