Heaney on Kavanagh

It is with sadness that Ireland awakens to the sudden death of Seamus Heaney this morning. The nation is moved to mourn the loss with a heavy heart. We can't but reflect on our adoration of his words - rhythmic, poignant, lyrical - and as our Laureate - so reflective of who we are. Kavanagh's influence on Heaney is something Heaney articulated many times. It was while studying English at Queen's University in Belfast, that Heaney was inspired to try his hand at poetry after reading Ted Hughes, Patrick Kavanagh and Robert Frost. Heaney described how Kavanagh's work taught him "that nothing is trivial", and that the ordinary or common place is as important as the largest theme. Here's to a life more ordinary, more simple, because as it often takes a long time to learn ... the simpler the better.

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