Season's Great Reminder

There was a time when Season prompted us and it still does often though in the context of our own seasonal experience. That experience whilst wholesome in the memory of time spent in our past may not be as deep as the memory of others and indeed will never be as deep as those who choose to intellectually stretch themselves to experientially learn more on the subject. But what's precious is that when someone does know or learn more that they choose without compromise or self promotion to share that knowledge in a spirit of generosity that knows no bounds. Evan Doyle's innate understanding of season and his willingness and care to make that understanding accessible to all is a case in point and we should thank him for his unending dedication to season...without which it would be too easy to miss the point...the point at which diet marries ecology and the body sings from the pure joy of digestive bliss. Taste the season at Evan's forthcoming Wild and Slow festival :



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