Coffee Cuts - Top Picks from the Local Area

Occasionally, I'm asked by residents of the Mews to recommend the best coffee within easy distance. So here’s the first post of a series to come covering the better and best coffee haunts nearby. These haunts have one main thing in common ... the delivery of perfect coffee taste under the stewardship of a micro roasting barista.

The perfect place to start of course is a mere 80 metres away with the smallest take away coffee outlet in the capital -- a 3.4 square metre Coffee Kiosk close to the US Embassy and opposite the Ballsbridge Hotel on Pembroke Road, Dublin 4 (where Pembroke Road meets Northumberland Road)

You’ll be hard pressed to believe that such a tiny space can house the roasters inside that Barista, Brian Kenny, uses every day. Brian sources beans the world over,  roasting them by hand daily. He provides regulars with an experience of a diverse range of brave, subtle and complex coffee flavours. His coffee is so popular that queues of regulars emerge from early in the day, breathing in the aroma of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the morning air. Regulars might even miss the odd DART Train at the local station but claim not to mind ...because ...the quality of Brian’s coffee is worth it.

The Coffee Kiosk is open every day Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm, and is closed at weekends... except when there is a big match on in the local Aviva Stadium. (note: there is no seating available.. so take away is the only option).


Brian Kenny's Coffee Kiosk for daily micro roasted great coffee to go