Obama Quotes Kavanagh

Obama is famed the world over for his carefully crafted words which form speeches that persuade and influence. So it's special to hear him borrow the words of Patrick Kavanagh today...in his St Patrick's Day speech at the White House.

He referred to Patrick Kavanagh as "one of Ireland’s greatest poets" and he referenced Kavanagh's words that he once wrote, “When I wandered over my own hills and talked again to my own people, I looked into the heart of this life and saw that it was good.” Obama sought to use these words to illustrate how for him ...and for so many Americans... they serve to remind us of what St. Patrick’s Day is all about. He said - "It’s about remembering the hills from where so many of us came and the people without whom so many of us would not be here today. And it is about recognizing how much we owe to the Irish men and women who, to borrow a line from James Joyce, lived and laughed and loved and left."

It is the sacrifices that Irish men and women made and endured that contributed so much to the inter-generational future of the New World...and while only 5 million people live on the island of Ireland now... 75 million people of Irish descent around the globe call this island home...and home is where our heart is.

president obama in the whitehouse at st. patrick's day celebrations