Kavanagh's Mews Design

It’s hard to believe that my opportunity to renovate Kavanagh’s Mews came up 12 years ago today. At first glance I could see and feel the very special home it could be.  It felt rural even though it was close to the city and it boasted light filled rooms thanks to the great distance between it as a stable for horse and carriage … and its two storey early Victorian townhouse on Pembroke Road…retained to this day.

The interior at that time was stuck in a time capsule when I first saw it. A capsule of 1950-1970 – lovingly looked after and nurtured by its previous owner but with little or no update in fittings, bathroom, kitchen, windows and doors. Yet I could feel and sense the pottering and original footprint of Patrick Kavanagh who lived here courtesy of his friend Willy Dwyer, and so for me it was a priority to retain that feeling and footprint in any renovation work.

I wanted to use the simplicity of a single level for living downstairs – including the ease of transition into 2 private and enclosed outdoor spaces. Upstairs – I wanted to retain the feeling of rest, relaxation and the potential for a comfortable sleep.

The result: a pared down, warm, bright aesthetic with authentic artisan furnishings classically styled for comfort and ease.